Crash Video a Chilling Reminder to Slow for Corners

We’ve all done it: taken a corner at speeds a little (or a lot) too high, crossed the double yellow line, experienced a jolt of panic that we might not make it, and then heaved a sigh of relief when when the curve was finally successfully, if dangerously, navigated. Some of us then go on to wonder what might have happened had we not been so lucky. The guy in the video¬†above found out the hard way when he drove his BMW M3 right over a cliff.

What’s most jarring to us is that, from the perspective of the car-mounted camera the accident doesn’t appear all that dramatic. It’s only after we see the aftermath that it’s obvious how lucky “CARBAHnM3” is to be alive.

From some of his other videos it appears that driving dangerously in the name of sport is (was?) one of his hobbies. We will refrain from passing judgement as plenty of others have called him out for not only endangering his own life but that of anyone else who happened to be on the road. But the next time it looks like we might be entering a corner too quickly we’ll remember this video and apply the brakes.


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