Kia Uses Reunion Metaphor to Show 2014 Cadenza is ‘Impossible to Ignore’

Have you ever been watching a car commercial and thought, “What? Why did the company chose that particular story-line, that exact premise?” You don’t have to wonder with Kia’s ad for its flagship sedan, the 2014 Cadenza. The commercial titled “Impossible to Ignore” features model Teresa Moore driving the Cadenza to her 20th class reunion where former classmates can’t help but notice her even though they failed to in the past. The metaphor plays off Kia’s history in which the brand often got lost among the competition. But no longer. In a press release last week the executive vice president of marketing & communications at Kia Motors America explained that the Cadenza marks “a new era for the Kia brand – It takes people by surprise when they see and experience all of the technology and premuim amenities it has to offer.” Michael Sprague goes on to say that the reunion storyline “reflects on just how far Kia has come in an extremely short period of time and speaks to our commitment to advancing value to new levels of sophistications.” Take a look for yourself in the video below.


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