Butler Celebrates Employee’s College Graduation

Gel's all smiles upon being "ambushed".

Gel’s all smiles upon being “ambushed”.

Congratulations to (now former) Butler Auto employee Angelica Cahee!  Angelica recently graduated with a degree in Human Services from SOU, where she also played basketball with the Lady Raiders.  While attending classes and practicing Angelica found time to wash cars for Butler’s two Ashland, Oregon stores.  Rental manager, Rich Parker says she “cleaned better than anyone we’ve ever had” and that she followed his advice to “wash cars like she was washing them for her grandmother”.  He also speaks glowingly about Gel’s personality saying “she’s the girl you’d want your son to date.”

When we ambushed (aka: embarrased) Gel with a congratulatory and good-luck cake last week she admitted that after taking the weekend off to move north she’d be starting job interviews today!   We’re so proud of you, Gel!  We’ll miss you but know you can do anything you set your mind to!


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