Kia Debuts Final Justice League Vehicle

jlc1Over the past year Kia’s released a series of vehicles paying homage to the fictional Justice League.  The superhero-themed cars are part of the auto maker’s partnership with DC Entertainment and its “We Can Be Heroes” campaign to fight hunger in the Horn of Africa.  Until this week, each vehicle was painted and decorated to reflect an individual member of the Justice League.  There was the Batman-inspired Kia Optima SX Limited, the Flash-inspired Kia Forte Coupe, and the Superman-themed Kia Optima, to name a few.  Now, all seven of the superheroes featured in the campaign are appearing together in – and on – the eighth and final vehicle, aptly called The Justice League Kia Sorento.  Each character appears on the body, and gets his or her logo emblazoned on one of the Sorento’s seven seats.  The last installment in the Justice League series will be on display at Comic Con in San Diego through July 27th.  After that, you’ll find it on Ebay just waiting for your bid!



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