Our Favorite Wacky Drive-Thrus

When we celebrated National Drive Thru Day last Tuesday we started thinking about all the needs drive-thrus help us meet in a relatively timely fashion.  You can pick up food, wash your car, fill prescriptions, and feed your caffeine addiction without getting out of the car.  You can get your oil changed, do your banking, see a movie, and visit a zoo.  But did you know you can also attend church, get married, pay your respects, load up on booze, and get a check-up?  Here are some of the drive-thrus that made us do a double take!

Hartman’s Drive-Thru Barber Shop, Erie, PA  (Photo courtesy: www.activerain.com)
drive thru barber


Drive -Thru Smoke Shop, Hollywood, CA  (Photo courtesy: Alex Wichman)
drive thru4


Drive-Thru Daiquiris, New Orleans, LA (Photo courtesy: Kelli Y. )
Drive thru8


Drive-Thru Liquour and Guns, Schulenburg, TX (Photo courtesy: Roy Luck )


Drive-Thru Doc, Victoria, TX (Photo courtesy: www.victoriaadvocate.com)
drive thru7


Drive-Thru Prayer Station, Gibsonville, NC (Photo courtesy: www.gibsonvilleumc.blogspot.com)
drive thru9



Tunnel of Love Drive Thru Wedding Chapel, Las Vegas, NV (Photo courtesy: www.alittlewhitechapel.com)


Adam’s Drive Thru Funeral Parlor, Compton, CA (Photo courtesy:  www.photoblog.nbcnews.com)
drive thru1


And our favorite, for when you feel the need to ‘get into nature’:  The Chandalier Drive-Thru Tree in Leggett, CA (Photo courtesy:   www.abominableink.wordpress.com)
drivethru tree


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