Drive-In Movie Theaters Face Another Roadblock

Image credit:   captainamericasamericana

Image credit: captainamericasamericana

As if the advent of movie-plex stadium-style seating and bottom-less popcorn weren’t enough to ruin business, now the drive-in movie industry is facing a shortage of parts.  The Washington Post reports that drive-in theaters across the U.S. have just one manufacturer to turn to to replace parts in those old-school speakers and the posts that hold ’em.   The paper adds that the 35-millimeter film drive-ins rely on is also becoming scarce.  While converting to digital technology would solve the film problem the cost of doing so is prohibitive, especially since drive-ins have steadily decreased in popularity and number over the years with only a few hundred left from a peak of four-thousand.  While we admit the last time we hunkered down at a drive-in was during a showing of The Muppet Movie circa 1978, it still saddens us to think of a world without them.  Do you think it’s worth the investment to keep them alive?


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