Color Me Safe?

Like many auto fans I’m a regular reader of Jalopnik. But I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve found on said site information not just interesting but applicable to my life. Maybe the site is dedicated to being entertaining and informative rather than helpful. Or maybe I’m reading the wrong entries.

dupont_world_color_chartEither way, a recent post about car color and its possible effect on safety caught my eye. The author, who purports to drive a small two-seater, lays out an argument that painting a small vehicle an “obnoxious” color, is one of the best ways to make one’s self visible to other drivers. She contends there’s a difference, if only in the driver’s mind, between being flashy and being safety-conscious. On that we agree. And given that, according to Dupont’s 2012 Automotive Global Color Popularity Report, I’m already in the significant minority for driving a blue vehicle, perhaps I’m well on the way to branching out into brighter, flashier, more attention-grabbing hues. But neon yellow? Nuh-uh. ODOT Orange? Don’t think so. Even fire-engine red would be going too far.

Then again, my vehicle’s pretty visible. If, like the author, it were in danger of being sideswiped on a daily basis, hot pink paint might suddenly be appealing.

Has safety ever been a factor in your choosing a vehicle’s color? Have you ever painted a vehicle for optimum visibility?

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