‘Hottest’ Cars of 2013

Image courtesy:  www.parikiaki.com

Image courtesy: http://www.parikiaki.com

When you think “hot” cars, what do you picture?  Lamborghinis?  Ferraris?  Maybe a Bugatti Veyron?  Okay, what if we clarified that, in this case, we’re not talking Paris Hilton “hot”;  We don’t mean sexy.  We mean “hot” as in stolen.  Would your answers be the same?

If so you might be surprised.  Using police reports, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration put together a list of the most commonly stolen vehicles.  This year’s group was compiled using data from 2011.  The lsit includes a couple “muscle cars” but otherwise consists of cars you might see just about anywhere.  Check it below.  Then head over to http://www.nhtsa.gov/Vehicle+Safety/Vehicle-Related+Theft/Theft+Prevention to learn how to keep your ride safe.

10 Cars Most Likely to Get Stolen:

1.  Dodge Charger
2.  Mitsubishi Galant
3.  Hyundai Accent
4.  Chevy Impala
5.  Chevy HHR
6.  Chevy Aveo
7.  Infinity FX35
8.  Kia Rio
9.  Porsche Panamera
10.  Dodge Challenger

Source:  www.wallstreetcheatsheet.com


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