Butler ‘Pins’ Auto News You Can Use

pinterestWe love the auto world because it is constantly changing, evolving, spinning in new and interesting directions.  But as a consumer, all that change can get overwhelming.  And as a blogger, it’s nearly impossible to keep up with it all!  There are only so many hours in the day to write, you know?  But even though there isn’t time to expound about everything we’d like to, there is a way to bank that information for you to sort through when you’re ready.  Thanks to Pinterest we have the perfect storage bin for automotive news-you-can-use!  From cell phone rules by state to the true meaning of the phrase “certified pre-owned” (it’s more important than you might think) to ways to tell whether your tires are properly inflated just by looking, you’ll find it all at http://pinterest.com/butlerauto/car-smarts/.  While you’re there, flip through our other Pinterest pages including  those dedicated to each of the brands we sell, the cars celebrities drive, roads to rave about, and even local get-aways.  See you on-line!


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