Butler Previews Fall TV Schedule at KOBI News Channel 5

croppedIMG_3548Every year about the time the new Fall primetime television schedule is about to come out Butler’s managers are invited to visite KOBI Channel 5 an overview of Fall programming.  As you’ve no doubt noticed, auto dealers spend a good portion of their advertising budget on television spots so, getting a look at the lineup allows us to place our ads where we feel our audience will be.

Look for “The Voice”and its original cast of judges to be airing Monday and Tuesday nights.  On Monday it’ll be followed by an intense new drama starring James Spader called “The Blacklist”.  Also new is “The Michael J. Fox Show”, a sit-com starring the ever youthful funny guy and incorporating some of his struggles with Parkinson’s disease.  Crime drama “Ironside” and thriller “Dracula” will debut.  And old favorites like “Parks and Recreation”, “Grimm”, “Parenthood” and “Law & Order: SVU” will return.  NBC also has big plans for Sunday Night Football and the winter Olympics which include an additional day of competition and coverage.  It’s shaping up to be a great Fall!

Thank you, KOBI General Manager Bob Wise and Sales Manager Connie Eaton, for the preview, the hospitality and, of course, the few minutes you allow us to play “anchor” on set!  We’re looking forward to being part of such an exciting season of TV!


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