RIP Cal Worthington

“Go see Cal, go see Cal, go see Cal.”  If the goal of advertising is to make an impression on the audience then this one phrase was genius.  Cal Worthington, longtime California car salesman and dealership owner, coined that tag line along with a slew of commercials featuring Cal with his “dog, Spot” (Spot being any number of species but never a canine).  The ads played dozens of times a day and earned Mr. Worthington national fame, even landing him a handful of stints on the Tonight Show.  They were kitchy, outrageous, and fun, and those of us in the auto industry who aspire to do things a little differently always looked up to Cal for his wackiness, ingenuity, and good natured humor.

Mr. Worthington died this week at the age of 92.  And while his death marks the end of an era we’d be willing to bet neither he, his name, nor his famous jingle will soon be forgotten.

For a more extensive article on Cal Worthington click here.



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