Butler Open House Raffle Prizes

raffleWe think there’re a lot of reasons to attend our Open House events, not the least of which is that each Open House is a party, and who doesn’t love a party?? But if you’re not into socializing, maybe you are into free stuff! And not cheap stuff, either. We dont’t give away pens or whistles or keychains (though we can, if you request ’em). No, we hold a raffle drawing… a FREE raffle drawing. And it’s not like you get a single raffle ticket, either. Chances are you’ll wind up with 4 or 5 of ’em by the time you’ve made the rounds. At the end of the evening we pull up to 6 raffle tickets from the box. Should your ticket be chosen (you DO NOT have to be present to win) you’ll have your choice of 5 raffle prizes. They are as follows:

  • One Free 5-Pack Oil Change Card
    Value $99.95
  • One Free Paint and Interior Coats Protection Application
  • One Complete Interior and Exterior Detail
    Value $169.95
  • One Free 15,000 Mile Service
    Value 195.00
  • $150.00 Off Factory Accessory Purchase
    Value $150.00

Good stuff, right?  We think so.  So stay tuned for an invitation to an Open House – like the one we’ll be holding at Butler Hyundai this month… fill out your raffle tickets, and cross your fingers!


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