Yahoo List of Rave Roads is Lacking

Highway 138 / Image courtesy:

Highway 138 / Image courtesy:

While more Americans are cutting back on driving to save money, and more teens are opting to postpone driving all together, some of us still get a thrill at the thought of a few free hours and an open road.  Yahoo recently put together a list of America’s Most Thrilling Roads and, while we concur their choices are tops we also think the list should have included at least one road in the Pacific Northwest… or even just somewhere west of the Mississippi!  We’d especially like to nominate the stretch of Highway 199 from Grants Pass, Oregon to Crescent City, California (documented in the video below by the NWBikers) and the last 10 miles of Highway 138 before it intersects with Highway 97 on the way to Bend, Oregon.  Of course, those’re just a couple in the “State of Jefferson”… we know there’re lots more.  What are your favorite roads to drive?  And have you driven any of the great roads of the world?


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