Your Car: Name it or Not?

Image courtesy:  Devy M.,/Nationwide Insurance

Image courtesy: Devy M.,/Nationwide Insurance

Yeep Yeep and the Green Machine. Sounds like the title of a children’s book but, in reality, those’re just the names my friend and I have given our vehicles: Yeep Yeep is my 2001 Jeep Wrangler, Green Machine is his 2006 Toyota Sienna, also known as the Swagger Wagon, a name many Siennas apparently share. We each adore our ride; me, for the Jeep’s rugged utilitarianism; he – and his three offspring – for the Sienna’s kid-friendliness. Our vehicles are part of the family and, as such, they should be named… right?

Not necessarily. A recent study by Nationwide Insurance showed 75% of respondents leave their vehicle nameless. But that leaves 25% who feel enough affection for their car, truck, or SUV to adorn it with a moniker.

Here’s what’s interesting. Of the six SUVs and one car that have called my driveway home only two have been named (the other was “BB”, Baby Bronc, a 1986 Ford Bronco II). So, what is it that inspires us to name certain vehicles over others? A habit, like frequent break downs or a track record of reliability? Or maybe quirks, like funny noises or smells. Then again, maybe we bond with our vehicles the same way we bond with people: developing trust over time and through shared experience. I can honestly say some of my happiest moments have been spent with the Yeep, just the two of screaming through snug summer nights, top down, music blaring; or picking our way through winter’s worst, ice and snow outside, Christmas carols warming the cab; or going nowhere at all, Yeep perched on a mountain top under a maze of stars, me perched on the roll bar, blanketed, grateful, and deep in thought.  The Yeep’s been there for my laughter, my tears, hoots of joy, hollers of frustration. We’ve traveled a wide swath of geography together, both internal and external, from coast to coast and life experience to life experience. There are very few people I can say the same about.

Of course it deserves a name.

To see what other drivers call their cars visit
For help naming your ride click here for a car name generator. If you’ve already picked a name include it in your answers and generate a “birth” certificate for your car.


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