Keep Your Vehicle Humming Along During the Holidays (and Beyond!)

Is your vehicle ready to drive in these conditions?

Is your vehicle ready to drive in these conditions?

Too many of us race into the cold months without making sure our vehicle is ready for winter.  The way we see it you have three options:  You can do nothing, you can completely winterize your car, truck or SUV, or you can take a course of action somewhere in the middle, ensuring the most important items are covered.  Tat’s where today’s blog entry comes in.  Huge thanks to Butler Ford Sales Consultant Rocky Moore for putting together this list of the nine essential steps to help keep your vehicle humming along during the holidays.

1.  Check hoses and belts.  Cold weather can weaken both.

2.  Check defroster and heating units.  You want to maintain visibility and heat!

3.  Keep your fuel tank as full as possible.  The emptier it is the more likely that condensation will form.  You don’t want water in your fuel tank.

4.  Change the oil.  It’s one of the best, and most affordable, things you can do for your vehicle’s well-being.

5.  Check the battery.  Cold weather can lead to its working harder.

6.  Check anti-freeze.  A professional can tell you whether it’s at a proper level.

8.  Check lights.  Headlights, brake lights, and turning lights.   You want to see and be seen!

9.  Emergency gear.  Carry blankets, gloves, boots, a flashlight, non-perishable food, etc., especially if you’ll be driving in areas that require 4-wheel drive.

(Note:  When you bring your vehicle in to any Butler Service Center for an oil change our technicians will check items 1 through 8 and provide you with a list of emergency supplies to carry with you.)

For more from Rocky Moore visit  Rocky’s Ramblin’ Readables.

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