Ken Block Drives Ford Fiesta ST in “Ultimate Gymkhana”

Ken-Block-Gymkhana-6Let’s start the week off with a ton of tire smoke and squealing, shall we?  Ken Block and his 2013 Ford Fiesta ST race car are back with Gymkhana 6: The Ultimate Gymkhana Grid Course.  For the uninitiated, gymkhana started as an equestrian event.  Barrel, flag, and keg racing, events you might see at a rodeo, all qualify as gymkhana.  In motorsport gymkhana drivers are judged on the time and/or speed with which they navigate often complex obstacle courses.  Mr. Block is one of the best.  His latest course features jumps, a wrecking ball, “police” in Lamborghinis, and Segue Scooters, to name a few.  Enjoy!

Tip:  If you’re at work, you might want to turn down the volume!

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