Gas Prices Lower for Thanksgiving 2013 Travel

gas pumpAmong the multitude of things we are thankful for this holiday season are lower gas prices! The Mail Tribune says fuel prices are among the lowest since 2010. As of this week shows prices ranging from $3.16/gallon (at the Safeway in Medford) to $3.79 (at the 76 station in Ashland). At some locations prices have dropped more than 30-cents in just the last month!

Wednesday, November 27th was expected to be the busiest day on the road this year. Triple-A said just under 14% of Americans would be traveling for the Thanksgiving holiday and that many would find expenses lower than expected. Doreen Loofburrow, the Vice President of Travel Services for AAA Oregon/Idaho, says, “Those carving out a travel budget will find Thanksgiving to be the least expensive holiday of the year so far.” But even if you’ll only be driving around town this holiday we bet you, like us, will be giving thanks for even the smallest cut in fuel costs!


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