Study Shows Drivers are More Distracted by Kids Than Texts

Parent_drivingIf you’re a parent it may come as no surprise to you that children can be a distraction when you’re behind the wheel, but it might surprise you to know just how much of a distraction.  The Telegraph  reports that a study conducted by Australia’s Monash University Accident Research Centre shows that kids divert drivers’ attention from the road up to 12-times as much as mobile phones do.  The instution came to that conclusion after placing four cameras in vehicles belonging to twelve families over a period of eight weeks.  Each family had kids between the ages of 1 and 8 who rode in the back seat.  More than 90 trips were monitered.  Results showed the average parent took his or her eyes off the road for more than three minutes of every 16-minute drive.  Distractions came in the form of watching the children, talking with them, handing them something, and playing with them.  Fathers were more likely to be distracted than mothers.  The Centre says more research is needed and is now conducting an additional study, this time involving fifty families.

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