Unusual Items Taken as Trade

We won't take livestock in as trade... but some customers have tried.

We will not take livestock in as trade… but some customers have tried.

Did you know you can trade almost anything in on a new car?  It’s true!  Butler Acura Sales Manager Peter McFadden says as long as your trade-in has value and doesn’t have to be fed we’ll consider taking it in on trade for a new vehicle.  As an example Pete lists some of the items customers have used in lieu of cash:  boats, motorcycles, quads and RVs… okay, maybe those aren’t so unusual.  But how about wheels/tires, and home stereo equipment?  Or uncut gems, firearms, and jewelry?  The oddest trade-in Pete ever accepted was a load of hay.  Yep, you read that right.  So, the next time you consider using a trade to purchase a vehicle look around more than just your driveway for items of value!

Image credit:  www.freestockphotos.biz



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