Let an App Fight Your Parking Ticket for You

fixedDid you hear about this?  There’s an app that will fight your parking tickets for you!   Getfixed.me claims that 50% of all parking tickets are dismissed when challenged.  The Fixed app also says it’s assembled a “team of experts that know the parking rules inside-out” to challenge your parking tickets for you.  All you have to do is snap a photo of the ticket and answer a few questions.  The app will tell you the odds of getting the ticket thrown out and then ask if you want to contest it.  Click yes and the Fixed team goes to work.  If the ticket’s dropped Fixed charges you 25% of the ticket amount.  That’s it.  No court time, no attorneys, no taking time off work.

Right now the app’s in test-mode so there’s a waiting list to join.  It’s also only being used in the San Francisco Bay area.  But, judging by the positive feedback on Fixed’s Facebook page we wouldn’t be surprised to see it pick up  speed.

Source:  www.autos.yahoo.com, Getfixed.me


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