Why Hyundai Can Offer ‘America’s Best Warranty’

PrintHopefully you’ve heard us promoting the fact that Butler Hyundai is doubling what Hyundai USA calls ‘America’s Best Warranty’. Buy a new Hyundai and you’ll drive away with a 20-year, 200,000-mile warranty. Nobody else offers that kind of protection! But the fact is, the regular 10-year, 100,000 mile warranty that comes standard on any new Hyundai no matter which dealership you purchase it from is nothing to sneeze at, either. So, how is it that Hyundai feels comfortable giving you that much coverage?

Funny, Hyundai.com has a page dedicated to answering that question and, it turns out, the formula for your peace of mind is pretty simple. First, Hyundai pays attention to detail – all the way down to the special paint designed to resist rust and ‘heal” dents, dings and scratches. You’ll also find your Hyundai to be of tight design. The company says fewer and smaller gaps between body panels makes for better airflow over the vehicle and, thus, better performance.

Second, testing, and lots of it. You know the saying, “Practice makes perfect’? Hyundai practices, and practices… and practices. The company pushes its products to the limit, and then pushes some more – from extreme driving conditions to inclement weather – so YOU don’t have to be the one to find out just how much abuse a Hyundai can take.

And lastly, the company doesn’t stop at protecting your vehicle; It also wants to take care of you should anything happen while you’re on the road. That’s why, along with the warranty, Hyundai Assurance includes 24/7 roadside assistance.

Want to read more? Learn all about Hyundai’s quality and testing practices at https://www.hyundaiusa.com/new-thinking/quality.aspx.



  1. I can agree with some things this blogs said and some I don’t. The key to buying an auto warranty, is doing research into the vehicle it’s self. If that year, make, and model has a history of common problems, then yes purchase the warranty.

    If the vehicle is a new body style, I would also buy the auto warranty. The reason behind the new body style, is because the manufacture of the vehicle doesn’t know what kind of problems they will have until the mass product them. Even if the vehicle is 2-3 years old, but it was a new body style, I personally would purchase an auto warranty. The new design could cost you the customer more money then it’s worth.

    I bought my warranty from this company nationalrepairsolutions.com . I have bought a couple of warranties through them and had claims paid out. So for me it has worked out. It depends on the vehicle really! Any ways that’s my two cents!


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