Alleviating Boredom Behind the Wheel

familyVacationStackedCarClipArt[1]We’ve all been there… on the road with family or friends, conversation exhausted, but with limited entertainment options and many miles still ahead.  How do you pass the time?

If you’re creative these moments can be some of the best of your trip!  My guy and I came up with a game that has us picking a letter and then taking turns coming up with every word we can think of that starts with that letter, the longer and more obscure the better.  The goal is to get the other person to  exclaim, “Oooooooh, GOOD one!”  Here are some links to other game ideas that can have you and your travel companions wishing the trip were even longer!  And for a giggle, check out the video below… but please don’t try to imitate it!


5 Games for the Road

Road Trip Ahead?  23 Games to Play in the Car

The Best Road rip Games to Play with Kids

Even More Games Played While Driving


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