Suzuki Service and Parts Still Available at Butler Auto

suzukiWhen Suzuki Motor Corporation filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy and pulled out of the North American market in late 2012 many Suzuki customers were left feeling abandoned and full of questions:  What were they supposed to do about repairs, service, and parts?  And what about warranty work?  Who would take care of that?

The answer, at least in Southern Oregon and Northern California, is Butler Automotive Group!  Suzuki gave dealers the option of taking a buyout to shut down all Suzuki-related services, or continuing to offer Suzuki service and parts.  Butler chose the latter.  Technicians at the Butler Hyundai location can not only fix and maintain your Suzuki vehicle, but they continue to sell Suzuki parts and honor Suzuki warranties.  In fact, Suzuki roadside assistance is even still in effect (call (877)794-8853)!  Butler’s Service Manager, Curtis Hancock, says Suzuki Motors is obligated to support us in those efforts for at least a decade after the bankruptcy(until 2022). So, if you need help with your Suzuki but aren’t sure where to go contact our service department at (888) 326-8069 or make an appointment on-line.  Suzuki owners, you’re not alone!


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