Luxury Cars… for Kids

HurricaneMost of us will be lucky to own one so-called luxury car in our lifetime, much less a stable-full… unless, of course, we’re willing to think a little smaller.  Where you could shell out hundreds of thousands of dollars for a single supercar today, you could accumulate an entire fleet of ’em for ten-grand IF you’re okay with never driving your toys on the freeway… because that is, after all, what we’re talking about here: toys.

When I was a kid we had the Big Wheel (which, for the record, I wish I still had).  Today’s kids have sampler-sized versions of name-brand automotive makes and models, some of which look just like their full-sized counterparts.    They run on battery or electricity, and most sell for less than $1,000.  At that price you could afford to squeeze a Lamborghini in the garage next to the Bimmer, the Benz, and the Bentley!  Okay, so your car collection might not be much to brag about with your peers but no question you’d be the idol of every kid in your neighborhood!

Here’s what in our dream electric toy car garage:


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