Spring Car Care

Spring has sprung!  It's time to prepare your vehicle for warm weather driving!

Spring has sprung! It’s time to prepare your vehicle for warm weather driving!

Now that the weather’s ever-so-slightly warming up you may be tempted to roll your windows down and enjoy your time on the road.  But all that air flow will rustle up any trash lolling about on the floor-boards, and stir up any dust lounging on the dash… which means spring cleaning may be in order.  You might as well take the opportunity to spruce up your vehicle’s health, too.  Thanks to YahooAutos, AutoWeek and CBSNews, we’ve cobbled together a list of the most important items to keep tabs on during the changing of the seasons.

Refill windshield-washer fluid and replace wiper blades.

Ditch the snow- or studded tires.  The state will make you do it soon, anyway.  If you have all-weather radials or are installing summer tires make sure they’re filled to the correct pressure.

Preserve the life of your tires and smooth out your ride by checking wheel alignment and tire tread.

Check belts and hoses to make sure they’re not loose and/or leaking.

Check the brakes.  Does the pedal feel too soft?  Does the vehicle pull to one side when you apply brake pressure?  Do your brakes make noise – screeching or squealing?  All are signs your brakes may need servicing.

The long cold winter may have sapped your battery of its strength.  If it takes a few seconds for your vehicle to start you may want to have the battery checked and maybe even replaced.

Make sure your coolant is at the right level.  You’ll need this when the heat hits for real.

Check air conditioning.

Finally, give your ride a bath!  Click here for tips on washing your vehicle for best results.

Happy spring driving!



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