Streamlining the Car-Buying Process

You can help us reduce the amount of time you spend here!

You can help us reduce the amount of time you spend here!

If you’ve ever bought a vehicle from a dealership you know it’s not a speedy process.  Finding the vehicle you want and working out price/payments take time.  Add to that a stack of paperwork and it’s estimated the average car deal takes more than four hours to complete, and that’s if everything goes smoothly.

Butler Auto Group’s sales consultants say they remember when customers had to sign only a handful of documents before they could legally take possession of a vehicle.  Now, though, thanks to increased regulation, they say dozens of signatures are required on dozens of documents.  If one piece of information is missing – like a loan number for your trade-in, or expired insurance – the process stops in its tracks.

In the interest of efficiency put together a check list for you, the customer, to go run through before even stepping foot on a dealer’s lot.  The list includes the information you should bring with you to a car deal and a flow chart of the car-buying process so you’ll know what to expect and how long you can expect it to take.  Just knowing what you’re in for can relieve some of the anxiety many people feel in a dealership, and your preparation can make our job that much easier and allow us to get you out the door and into your new vehicle that much faster!


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