Sales 101: Know Your Product

2014 Roush Stage 3 Mustang Aluminator

2014 Roush Stage 3 Mustang Aluminator

While working in my office yesterday I happened to overhear one of our sales consultants, Drew Bechard, talking with a customer in the Butler Ford showroom.  If you’ve visited our Ford store lately you know we have two Ford Mustangs  on indoor display.  Both are Roush Aluminator models;  One is shiny black and the other is an eye-catching combination of white and neon green.  The customer was asking Drew which was better:  the Roush Mustangs or the perhaps better-known Shelby Mustangs.  Both are modified versions of Ford’s pony car that cater to specific niche groups.  Both are named after racing legends and automobile designers: Jack Roush and Carroll Shelby.  And both are apt to nab attention wherever they go.

Drew Bechard, Sales Consultant

Drew Bechard, Sales Consultant

Drew began answering the question by saying, “Not better.  Just different.”  He then went on to explain all the minute details that separate the two, from seat design to engine aspiration.

Now, you thought this was a blog about factors that set one car apart from another but it’s actually about what separates good sales consultants from the rest.  The way Drew answered that question showed he not only knows the information but understands it.  He talked passionately about complicated technology without using jargon showing he also understood his audience.  Even I, who’ve written plenty about both Roush and Shelby vehicles, learned a lot.  It made me proud to work for a company smart enough to hire people who love the products they’re selling.

I don’t know if that customer decided to buy a car yesterday but I bet he left the showroom wanting to.  The only question would have been which Mustang would he have chosen, a Roush or a Shelby.


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