Glow in the Dark Roads!

Image courtesy:  Studio Roosegaarde

Image courtesy: Studio Roosegaarde

As much as I appreciate new technologies that allow vehicles to “drive themselves” I’ve been skeptical.  Such systems use cameras to keep track of road markings, specifically lane markers… which is well and good when said markers (aka lines) are clear and consistent  but, as we all know, that is not always the case.  Street lines crack and disintegrate after years of wear and tear so that they fade in and out and may appear to all but disappear once night falls.

A company in the Netherlands, though, may have solved that part of the problem.  Studio Roosegaarde came up with glow in the dark streets!  The lanes and other markings typically seen on roadways are created by incorporating light-absorbent particles in the paint.  When the sun goes down the roads light up, so much so that street lights are no longer necessary!

Right now, only one stretch of road in the Netherlands features the snazzy disco streets but, hopefully, the creators continue to promote their design to communities around the world.  Then maybe drivers wouldn’t be as likely to get distracted and leave the driving to the car!



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