Is it Drop-Top Season Yet?

This is the season my mind says it is even though the calendar doesn't agree.

This is the season my mind says we’re in even though the calendar doesn’t agree.

Here we are on the verge of our first real heat wave of the year and I’m on the horns of a familiar dilemma: Do I remove the hard top from the Jeep or waste the opportunity to road-revel in the next couple of 90-degree days? It’s not a decision to take lightly; Once off the top will stay that way until it goes back on for winter.

The question of when to go topless appears with the first happy tulips each March; Their promise of seasonal change is almost enough to convince me that the pre-dawn drive to work in a drop-top won’t feel like the 27-degrees showing on the thermometer. Only once did I get carried away and swap the fully enclosed hard top for the window-less soft one as early as April and, aside from a few torrential downpours that flooded the floorboards, the bet paid off.

My fear is that I’ll freeze. Even under the best circumstances during the heart of the hot months you can bet I’ll be wrapped in a blanket during the morning commute. Those who know me think I’m crazy but something about experiencing cool weather while driving al fresco makes chilly temps easier to stomach than when I’m standing still. I do, however, have a breaking point.

So, I’ll most likely do what I always do: decide today to wait for June and then, when the mercury climbs past 85 tomorrow, go home, wrestle the unwieldy fiberglass roof off the Jeep, and let my reservations fly out the space where the window used to be.


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