Butler Employee Coaches for Local Year-Round Basketball League

Dustin (middle) and Manny (right) at Jam On It in 2013

Dustin (middle) and Manny (right) at Jam On It in 2013

If you’re out and about on Memorial Day weekend keep your eyes open for a van with Butler plates loaded with high school basketball players. Chances are it’ll be Butler detailer Dustin Vaughn and his MBA team heading for the Jam On It competition in Reno.

MBA – Manny’s Basketball Association – got started 20 years ago when longtime basketball player and coach Manny Crump realized there weren’t many opportunities for kids to play hoops outside of normal school schedules.  So

Dustin and his 2013 Jam On It team

Dustin and his 2013 Jam On It team

he started, and continues to run, the only year-round basketball program in Southern Oregon.  Dustin, who played for Southern Oregon University and Linn Benton College before going semi-pro, loves coaching and is proud to pass his skills on to the younger generation.  “We didn’t have this stuff so it’s nice to give kids guidance I didn’t get until college,” he says, adding, “These kids are incredible.”

Butler Auto is also proud to donate transportation to get the teams to their far-away tournaments.   If you see ’em Memorial Day weekend give ’em a honk and a thumbs up!  And if you’re interested in learning more about MBA Basketball Leagues visit http://mannysbasketball.homestead.com/index.html.

Mannys bball



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