Butler’s SuperSaver Rent-A-Car to Assist in American Band College’s Summer Session

ABC 1One of the perks of being in the rental car business is the opportunity to build relationships with people and organizations you might not otherwise even know exist.  Such is the case with the American Band College (ABC).  While the master’s degree program for band directors is located right here in Ashland, Oregon those of us who work outside the collegiate or music world would have had no idea such a unique program was offered in such close proximity to us.

ABC offers intensive three week master’s program that allows band instructors to get the schooling they need without spending months or years away from their normal, every-day lives.  They come from all over to attend the brief session in Ashland and then complete their school work from home.

Butler was introduced to ABC when they approached us about donating vehicles to help transport students.  Once again this year we’ll be arranging for their use of a van and possibly other vehicles to get students and instructors where they need to go…including the Ashland 4th of July parade and Craterian Theater they’ll be performing (for more information visit http://www.bandworld.org)!  We love being able to assist organizations that make our community unique and bring people from all over the world to our beautiful little valley.  SO, thank you to the folks at ABC for all you do and for allowing us to play a tiny role in your success!

To learn more about ABC click here.


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