Rag Tops Drop in Popularity

Has the sun set on our love of convertibles?

Has the sun set on our love of convertibles?

We’re sad to report that Autos.Yahoo.com is declaring the era of the convertible over.  The online automotive news source says convertibles now account for less than 1% of auto sales and that a handful of factors are to blame:

1.  Convertibles are expensive to make because their unique engineering makes using the platform for other models challenging.

2. Because of their unique structural needs convertibles weigh more than other vehicles which translates into lower fuel efficiency.

3.  Convertibles require more maintenance.  Rag tops are more likely to spring leaks or cause unwanted noise, which can lead to repairs enclosed vehicles would never require.

4.  The popularity of convertibles changes according to the season.

5.  Convertibles are challenging to transform into crossover vehicles which are soaring in popularity.

6.  The largest auto market in the world, China, is suffering from serious air quality issues, making drop-tops a less than attractive option.

Do you own a convertible?  What keeps you driving your drop-top even though another vehicle might be more practical?


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