Automotive Superstitions

friday the 13thWhen the full honey moon rises tomorrow pay attention as it will also be Friday, the 13th, and that combination won’t roll around again until, interestingly enough, another June 13th in the year 2098 (but the next non-honey colored full moon on Friday, the 13th will occur in 2049)..  Both events give rise to superstitions so, we figured we’d better clue you into the ones that are auto related, you know, just in case.  Here are the most popular:

It’s been said that one can summon good luck by transferring “lucky” items from an old car to a new one.

Some believe that purchasing a car from a rich person will increase your bottom line.

Some believe buying a car on the thirteenth of any month is bad luck.  They may also believe that trading in a trouble-free car for a new one will also bring bad luck.

The world of auto racing is known to perpetuate several superstitions.  They include:

The belief that green cars are bad luck.  The superstition was born in 1920 when Gaston Chevrolet, brother of Chevy co-founder Louis Chevrolet, died while racing a green car.  It’s widely believed that green cars will bring bad luck. 

You won’t find the number 13 on any of the pit stalls on the NASCAR circuit.  The thirteenth stall will be numbered 12a, instead.

For more racing superstitions, including the way individual drivers dress, eat, and groom on race day, click here.

And, just as a bonus, if you’d like to watch the full honey moon but find yourself;f under a cloudy sky or otherwise unable to see it from where you are, you can watch it live below.  Enjoy!  And Happy Friday, the 13th!



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