A Heartfelt ‘Thanks’ from Butler Ford’s Fleet Manager

Mikce Cocchiara 2 WebA handful of weeks ago our much loved Butler Ford fleet manager, Mike “Coach” Cocchiara, spent time in the hospital for issues with his heart.  He is back to work now and on the mend, and wants to express his appreciation for all the support offered by friends and co-workers.  The following letter is from him.  We’re so happy to have you back, Coach!

To all Butler employees and their families:

I have an overwhelming amount of gratitude in my heart (no pun intended).  Thank you for all your concerns, thoughts, and prayers.

I am back to work but taking it easy.  The Butler Group is by far the best place I have ever worked.  Thanks to Chuck, Linda and Warren for your continued support.

Right now I have a little inflammation about my heart that causes some discomfort.  Otherwise, I feel pretty good.  Looking forward to some physical activity soon.

Thank you all again for your caring nature.

And a special thanks to the CCU unit that took great care of me.


  Mike “Coach” Cocchiara


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