Kia Wins Design Awards for GT4 Stinger Concept, 2014 Soul

Kia GT4 Stinger

Kia GT4 Stinger

We at Butler Automotive Group been validated in our appreciation for the Kia sports car concept, the GT4 Stinger!  Turns out we’re not the only ones who think it’s  b-e-a-u-tiful!  The Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) last week honored the GT4 and the 2014 Kia Soul with a pair of International Design Excellence Awards (IDEAs) .   Tom Kearns, chief designer at Kia Design Center America says, “These IDEA honors are truly a testament to the abilities of the Kia Motors design team.  The GT4 Stinger was conceived selfishly, but to great effect:  We wondered what it would be like for the California-based design team to execute our vision of the ultimate Kia performance car, with a keen focus on drop-dead-gorgeous exterior styling and unparalleled driving dynamics.  As for the Soul, reinventing an icon is perhaps the biggest challenge our team has faced.  You have to offer a fresh take without losing the essence of what made the original so appealing.  In both cases, we couldn’t be happier with the results.” As for us, we’re just happy to have our good taste confirmed!

For more on the GT4 Stinger concept click here.  For the complete Kia press release click here.


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