Hyundai/ARK Performance Build 2015 Genesis AR550 for SEMA

2015 Hyundai Genesis AR550

2015 Hyundai Genesis AR550

Until now few people would have used the word aggressive to describe a Hyundai.  But that all changes with the Korean auto maker’s SEMA vehicle for this year.  Hyundai and ARK Performance, Inc. teamed up to create the 2015 Genesis AR550, their sixth SEMA collaboration.  The sedan is low and wide and capable of performance usually attributed to German cars.  Lerry Liu, Marketing Director, ARK Performance, Inc., says, “This year we are focused on two core elements all under the new line of ARK Racing (AR) concepts for Hyundais. First, we focused on the power, handling, and most importantly the sound of the Hyundai power plant. Second, we integrated our high-performance racing technology to introduce a very unique and bold Hyundai vehicle.”

ARK 2The AR550 will debut at Hyundai’s SEMA press conference November 9th.  For more details read the entire press release.


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