CEO Says Bugatti Owners Own Scores of Cars

Bugatti Veyron / Image courtesy:

Bugatti Veyron / Image courtesy:

While reading Autoblog today the following headline caught our attention:

Average Bugatti owner has 84 cars, 3 jets, 1 yacht

Now, we know families with multiple cars.  We ARE those families.  Some of us even have boats, and a few – VERY few – of us also have a plane or a helicopter.  But we can honestly say we don’t think we’ve ever even met anyone who can claim an entire fleet of vehicles (outside of business fleets, of course).  84?

Not that we wouldn’t like to try assembling such a collection.  In fact, we’ve already started a fantasy garage.  It makes sense, if one is a sincere auto fan and has the resources, to amass enough vehicles to launch a museum.  One imagines wandering through a spacious, climate-controlled warehouse searching for signs of dust on rare, vintage bumpers.  But to own dozens and dozens of cars intended for driving?   How would one even choose?

The article identifies the average Bugatti driver as being in the one percent of the richest one percent which, if we’re being honest, makes them anything but average.  Autoblog also points out that if wannabe Bugatti owners are truly in the market for the car nicknamed  “thoroughbred” they’d better hurry as there are only 20 new ones left.  The next incarnation is due out sometime in the next year or two.

Maybe by then we’ll be growing our own fleet.

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