Cars and Clutter

An organizer makes clutter look less like clutter and more like a necessity.

An organizer makes clutter look less like clutter and more like a necessity.

Have you ever noticed how some people seem genetically programmed to accumulate excessive stuff in their vehicle?  Not the kind of clutter that comes with living in one’s car, or with having kids or animals, or with being a travelling salesperson.  No, the other kind of clutter, the kind that silently accumulates until one realizes she’s hauling a good third of her belongings to work, and the bank, and the drive-through every day.  The kind of clutter that results in running barefoot and goose-bumpy to the car on cold mornings to retrieve shoes, coats, and scarves because there are none left in the house.  The kind of clutter that, when one is searching for an item, finds one mentally canvassing the vehicle as well as the closets and garage.

It’s possible, at least in my case, there’s a good reason for the mound of sweaters, sweatshirts, and jackets riding shotgun;  Such a stash is comforting given that my body temperature always seems to run a few degrees cooler than most.  The football comes in handy, and the roll of masking tape has the potential to but, why is there a tape measure in the console?  And do I really need the socket set used to remove the hard top  when the top will stay on until June?

I have made an effort to change my untidy ways. Because it was too easy to stack stuff on the rear seat – out of sight, out of mind, you know – I did the prudent thing and removed the seat.  Now there’s a wide expanse of beaten-up carpet upon which little is placed lest it roll around annoyingly, or at least until its far enough away from the driver’s seat that it can’t be reached… should it ever need to be reached, that is.

But the urge to let items linger in the vehicle is not so easily done away with.  Yes, there’s some degree of laziness involved but, despite what those clean-car people may think, there’s also a tiny bit of pride.  I like feeling prepared and, sometimes even am prepared!  So, the next time you’re stuck without a tape measure when you need one you might not think my cluttered car is such an eye-sore after all.

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