OSF Green Show Performances Feature Oregon, Shakespeare, Festival Focus

To commemorate the Oregon Shakespeare Festival’s 80th anniversary, the OSF Green Show is highlighting performers who either hail from the state of Oregon, are inspired by Shakespeare, or embody the spirit of the word Festival. We’re honored to sponsor an event that fills Ashland with music, dance, or theatre six nights a week, and we’re getting excited for the acts still to come for the remainder of August!

Here’s a sampling of what you can look forward to:

Oregon – Pat O’Scannell’s Swashbuckling Women – Sunday, August 16th; Tuesday, September 1st

Musician, director, and teacher Patricia O’Scannell has had a hand in the Green Show for 35 years. A multi-instrumentalist with an impeccably-trained singing voice, O’Scannell is especially gifted at making early music approachable to modern audiences. Her Swashbuckling Women performance, which will have its first installment on August 16th and its second on September 1st, presents ballads “of the extraordinary women who posed as soldiers, pirates, and highwaymen to gain their freedom in eras that expressly prohibited their equality.” O’Scannell and musician Kevin Carr will be joined on stage by actor Vanessa Nowitzky, who will play the part of O’Scannell’s female protagonists.

Shakespeare – Elizabethan House Band – Wednesday, August 19th; Thursday, August 27th

Venues tend to have house bands that match their aesthetic; the rowdy Whiskey-A-Go-Go in Los Angeles was home to the Doors in the swinging 60s, and swanky late-night TV shows like the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon would fall flat without the tight musical accompaniment of acts like the Roots. But what sort of band would fit in at a theatre built to house performances written in the Elizabethan era? Enter Sue Carney and Patricia O’Scannell, who bring a renaissance sound tailor-made for the OSF: faithful to history, but very fun for modern families.

Festival – Embodiment Project – Sunday, August 23rd; Tuesday, August 25th


Photo Courtesy of the Embodiment Project, http://www.embodimentproject.org/

Embodiment Project (EP) hails from San Francisco and embodies the spirit of festival by blending energetic street dance with live song. Not many dance companies feature a singer-songwriter, but then, not many dance companies take the innovative approach that EP does. Their approach to dance and song is more significant now than ever; EP works to “use street dance, live song, theater, and spoken word to humanize stories often silenced by mainstream culture and create emotionally transparent narratives that serve as unifying political acts and vehicles for social change.”

Green Show performances run Tuesday through Sunday at 6:45 P.M. from now until October 11th and last for approximately 45 minutes. We are proud to sponsor such a dynamic program and the creative artists who make every show unforgettable, and we hope to see you there!

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