Why Some Car Lovers Are Falling For Automatic Transmissions


You’d be hard pressed to find a company in the Rogue Valley that has more car-fanatics than we do. Every morning, we go to work with master technicians, winners of custom car shows, and former race-car drivers. We work with people who maintained diesel vehicles at U.S. bases in Afghanistan and Iraq, and we have lunch with people who have worked in the car industry longer than the average American has been alive. So we’re no stranger to passionate opinions about cars and trucks.

One frequent topic of discussion in our showroom and anywhere that car-fanatics talk shop has been the ever-shrinking number of cars being produced with a manual transmission. For many of us, shifting our own gears is an essential part of the freedom and independence that we associate with hitting the road. Yet as wonderful as the manual machines in our driveways and garages are, we want to take this opportunity to defend the takeover of the automatic transmission.

Automatic transmissions aren’t just for beginning drivers or those who never knew the joys of a clutch anymore. Nowadays, automatic transmissions include more gears than manual offerings, making for an engaging driving experience sans stick shift. Because they keep engines running optimally, automatics get better gas mileage without sacrificing oomph to do so, and modern torque converters offer a more responsive ride than ever before.

In other words, while we miss the good-old-days as much as anyone, we’re excited for the cars of the future, and from what we see on a daily basis, an automatic transmission has the capacity to be something to get excited about.

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