Powerball Sparks Vehicle Dreaming

1437980061946138692While Powerball fever has (at least temporarily) subsided, we at Butler are still fantasizing about the first big purchases we would have made if we won: our dream vehicles. We asked a few of our coworkers what they would be driving if they woke up a billion dollars richer, and to no-one’s surprise, a lot of familiar names made the list.

Nick McClean, Acura Service Coordinator, has his eye on an Acura NSX if he ever hits the jackpot, but not the car so many of us are getting excited for. Nick sees a lot to love about the original NSX, which was introduced in 1990, and if he suddenly found himself flush with cash an original, red NSX would be near the top of his wish list.

Drew Bechard, one of our Ford product specialists, has quite a few cars in mind if he ever wins the lottery. Drew was raised around classic and custom cars and trucks, and his love of Fords shines through when he starts thinking about an unexpected windfall. Drew would have his eye on much of the new Ford lineup: a 2017 Super Duty, a 2017 Raptor, the new Focus RS, and, of course, a Ford GT. He also said he would give his current F-150 to Butler’s marketing department, but we’ll believe it when we see it.

Occasions like this historic Powerball drawing, which enabled an entire nation to fantasize about wealth and comfort, also provide an opportunity to be grateful for what we have. While all of our garages would be much fuller if we won the lottery, thinking about the cars we would drive if we could serves as a poignant reminder of the important role driving plays in our lives, and we’re grateful to have such a passionate hobby in our lives, even if we did waste a few bucks on lottery tickets.

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