Play Golf and Become a Millionaire!

million-dollar-shoot-out-butler“Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” was a smashing success for many reasons, from Regis’ winning personality to the joy Americans get from watching other Americans risk money on TV, but the root of the show’s success was right there in title: we would all, if we had a say in the matter, like to be millionaires.

Well, if you’d like a to take a shot at a million dollars without even leaving Southern Oregon, Rogue Valley Country Club ( has the contest you’ve been waiting for! The Million Dollar Shoot Out is giving you a shot to win $1,000,000 dollars or over 60 other exciting prizes!

Butler Automotive Group is excited to sponsor the Million Dollar Shoot Out, which is open to the public starting Saturday, April 30th until the grand finale on Saturday, May 7th. The week leading up to May 7th will be full of other exciting events, from a bridal show to a wine tasting, so there will be plenty to keep you interested even if you don’t know a pitching wedge from a cheese wedge. We hope to see you there all week, and more than anything else, we hope to see you win a million dollars!

For additional information go to Rogue Valley Country Club’s website and click on the Million Dollar Shoot-Out tab.

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