Convertible Season in Southern Oregon

16Mustang-CalSpecial_4096_HR (1) (1)

It may still technically be spring, and the weatherman may still be calling for rain on what feels like all of your days off, but we’re calling it now: it’s officially convertible season in Southern Oregon.

There may be no automobile more American than the convertible. Sure, convertible tops can be prone to leaks. Sure, convertibles sacrifice a good bit of cargo room to hold the roof. And yes, a retractable roof is yet another piece of equipment that can potentially need repairs. But to Americans, the automobile has always been as much a symbol of freedom as a reliable means of conveyance.

We get our driver’s license at 16, when we are typically both in the process of becoming an adult and dying to escape from our parents, even if it means borrowing their late-90s minivan to do so. Many of us get our first car when we get our first real job, and some of us get our first sports car when we get our first gray hair. Cars allow us free ourselves from our daily lives, to become someone a little more exciting than the person our co-workers know and respect, and nothing says freedom and excitement quite like the feeling of the wind in your hair.

So by all means, if the price is right and the road is calling you, go ahead and get that convertible, or, if the price is wrong but the road is calling anyway, rent one. If you suddenly find yourself behind the wheel of a convertible, here are a few handy tips for convertible ownership:

Plan for changes in temperature by having some long sleeve shirts or jackets stowed in the back.

Don’t turn on the windshield wipers with the top down, unless you’re also looking for a quick shower.

Don’t leave the top down when you aren’t in it. You’ve probably considered the dangers posed by thieves, but have you considered the dangers posed by birds?

If you’re traveling with important paper documents, stow them before you put the top down.

Prepare your refusal speech before every single relative you have between the ages of 16 and 30 asks you to take your baby for a spin.

Consider avoiding the freeway with the top down. You’ll be amazed how much less fun 70 mph wind is than 50 mph wind.

And finally, look into a slick driving hat to keep your head cool, and always remove your toupee when you take the top down, unless you’re looking for an excuse to buy a new one anyway.

We hope this list has been some help in your quest for the convertible bliss, and we hope to see you on some country road this summer!


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