Rocky Moore Recognized by Ford – Again!


Oregon can sometimes feel like a small world unto itself, but by size the Beaver State is the ninth-largest in the U.S. We may not be the most populous state, but we more than make up what we lack in population with square-mileage. And when you live in a state that has the kind of wide open spaces and beautiful backroads that Oregon has, you also end up with your fair share of Ford dealerships.

Yet despite having Ford dealerships scattered all over the state, just three Oregon product specialists earned Ford’s coveted Employee Excellence (E2) Level-4 recognition. 2 of them are in the Portland area, where there are more car buyers than anywhere else in the state. The other is Rocky Moore.

Ford’s E2 recognition system is fairly straightforward. It honors the men and women who are the most productive while also maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction. So incredibly kind, no-pressure product specialists who only see a handful of customers a year are out of the running, and product specialist who are masters of the car sale but aren’t exceptional with their customer car are also out of the running.

Those are the benchmarks for E2 recognition- the ability to help customers find the perfect car for their wants and needs with an eye towards the satisfaction of the customer over the completion of the sale. Rocky finds himself in even rarer air; to receive Level 4 recognition, you have to meet those benchmarks better than approximately 99% of every Ford dealership employee in the country. Rocky accomplished that feat in 2015, and the star next to his name tells an even more impressive story: he’s achieved this incredible standard of excellence multiple times.

If you ask Rocky about his achievement, he’s as humble as ever. He’s a man who went to college on a rodeo scholarship, gave guided tours of Hawaii on horseback, and helped oversee the expansion of Ralph Lauren men’s clothing west of the Rockies – he’s heard enough said about himself. He wants to hear the stories and experiences of the people who walk onto our lot. Maybe that’s why he’s unlike any Ford employee in Oregon.

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