What Rental Car Would the Rental Manager Rent?


Chris Hansen, our Super Saver Rentals manager, is a man of many cars. Beyond the cars he’s owned personally, beyond the many cars he’s driven in his career in the car industry, Chris oversees a fleet of 99 rental cars every day. The specific vehicles that he rents out change over time – he’s recently introduced more trucks and vans, for example – but no matter how his fleet changes, his love of cars remains the same. So when we asked Chris if he had a favorite rental car of all time, we were surprised to find that not only did he have an obvious favorite, but that it is currently parked on our lot!

The Kia Cadenza may not be the vehicle that comes to mind when you think of high-end rental cars. But when someone who wants the most luxurious rental vehicle we have comes in, Chris hands them a key that says “Kia” on it.

“They usually look at me like, ‘are you kidding?’” Chris says, laughing. “But I tell them, I’ve driven all kinds of high-end cars, Mercedes, BMW, heck, a boss I had in the 90s let me drive his Ferrari around for an afternoon. And this car impressed me more than any of them, because with the Ferrari, with almost any performance car, you get in expecting a lot, and then end up getting less car than you’d hoped. With the Cadenza, I got in not expecting much, and I got a ton. It’s the most underrated car I’ve ever driven.”

Chris’ love for Kia’s high-end sedan, which he first drove two years ago, has inspired him to bring a new Cadenza into his rental fleet every year. “The options on it are unreal, because Kia has to offer more for less to get people in a car they’ve maybe never heard of,” says Chris. “I literally had the cruise control on, the person in front of me braked, and the car braked, then when he took off from the light, so did I. Without doing a thing. It was like being in a self-driving car for stop-and-go traffic, until I got on some open road and let it loose again.”

While it may be his personal favorite, Chris’ fleet has several other gems that he holds near and dear. We’ll be getting in touch with him again soon to find out what else he recommends for rental.

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