Can You Dinghy? Maybe You Can


So you’re thinking about buying a Class A motorhome. It isn’t hard to see why the idea would cross your mind: they’re more luxurious and sturdy than many houses, yet they’re constructed on super-strong, heavy-duty frames favored by big rigs and commercial buses. That’s a pretty surefire recipe for an impressive vehicle.

But when you’re out on the road, enjoying the perfect mix of highway-speed freedom and at-home comfort, what will become of the family car? After all, your rolling palace is perfect for a lot of things, but crowded streets and drive-through windows? Not so much.

Enter dinghy towing, also known as flat towing or four-on-the-road towing. If you’ve ever seen an RV towing a vehicle with all four of its tires on the road, you’ve seen someone enjoying the quintessential American experience of dinghy towing.

So what’s the big deal? Well, there was a time when practically anything with a manual transmission could be flat towed, but the rise of the automatic transmission coupled with the challenges of engineering modern cars and trucks means that fewer cars than ever can be safely dinghy towed without voiding the manufacturer’s warranty.

One of the many reasons your car’s transmission is able to do so much without experiencing serious issues is the fact that a running car is designed to keep all the parts that need lubrication running smoothly. Simply put, unless a vehicle is designed to be dinghy towed, its transmission could take a beating, and so could your warranty.

So what vehicles can be flat-towed without voiding the warranty? We’ll be back to answer that question and a few more next week!

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