Butler’s “Bare Necessities” Program Supports the Family Nurturing Center of Medford


The Holiday Season is a time for giving, and for the second consecutive year we at the Butler Family of Dealerships are supporting a local organization that gives back to our community every day of the year. We are proud and excited to announce the second annual ‘Bare Necessities’ promotion in support of the Family Nurturing Center of Medford. Last year, with the help of KBOY 95.7, The Wolf 105.1, Now 93.7  and KCMX AM 880 radio stations our customers, neighbors, friends, and colleagues, we helped raise enough ‘bare necessities’ to brighten the holidays of dozens of local children and at-risk families.

The Family Nurturing Center (FNC) is one of 23 relief nurseries in Oregon. Its aim is to prevent child abuse and neglect by providing goods and services to high-risk families with children under six years of age. By providing essentials like food, clothing, and home essentials to families that otherwise might not be able to afford them, the FNC takes crucial steps to nipping the symptoms of childhood neglect in the bud.

Additionally, the FNC organizes a variety of events and programs to help children stay within their families. Ranging from monthly family fun nights, family gardens and cooking classes to professional counseling and crisis response services, the FNC plays a vital role in the lives of many of the local children and adults who need help the most.

The FNC has come a long way since 2006, when it served two local toddlers and their families; the FNC serves nearly 1,000 children every year, and we are very grateful to be able to help this incredible organization thrive and grow in our community.

We hope you will join us as we turn our attention to a local organization that spends every day doing what many of us only contribute towards a few times a year: true, selfless charity. Below is the FNC’s wishlist; thank you for taking the time to help create a brighter tomorrow for Jackson County.

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