Our Favorite Car Commercials

rs_1024x759-160203085304-1024-kevin-hart-fb-020316‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, because we were all on the couch.

Between classic holiday movies, great company in the living room, and a full slate of NFL games on Christmas Eve, we spent a good portion of our Christmas weekend in front of the television, which meant seeing a fair number of car commercials (and oversized bows on car hoods.)

This got us thinking: what are our favorite car ads in recent memory? As you might expect, we tend to be loyal to our company, so we’ve compiled a list of our favorite ads in recent memory by Butler dealership.

Ford – “Nearly Double” – 2014

Super Bowl commercials are a difficult proposition – there’s no timeslot that draws as much attention, but with every advertiser throwing their best, most off-the-wall work at the big game, it takes a perfectly-executed vision to come out ahead of the pack. Ford’s 2014 Super Bowl spot, which featured Rob Riggle, James Franco, and the Ford Fusion Hybrid, fit the bill perfectly – from a Bengal tiger to a massive fireworks display, Ford put its best foot forward on the biggest stage in advertising.


Acura – “Seinfeld and Leno” – 2012

Our favorite Acura spot is another Super Bowl commercial. Released on the heels of the new NSX’s unveiling at the North American International Auto Show, this ad features Jerry Seinfeld flexing all of his creative muscle to convince the first person in line to receive an NSX to swap spots with Jerry. Although Jay Leno ends up getting the best of Seinfeld in this classic commercial, both Leno and Seinfeld were outbid for the rights to the first NSX when it went up for auction last year (although our sources informed us that Leno did just receive NSX #003.)


Kia – “Hamster” – 2009

A good ad has a pronounced effect on sales, but a great ad has a pronounced effect on the way an entire brand is seen. Kia has been making quality, reliable vehicles for years, but it took 2009’s now-legendary commercial featuring hamsters behind the wheel of a Kia Soul to get customers to reconsider a brand that had changed a lot since its first North American vehicles hit the road in 1992. While all the other hamsters continued to get nowhere in their daily hamster-ball routines, a few savvy rodents got down the road in style in Kia’s iconic Soul. Advertising just doesn’t get any more effective than this.


Hyundai – “First Date” – 2016

A new one, but a good one. Hyundai used celebrities to great effect in its trio of 2016 Super Bowl commercials (its first Super Bowl as the official car of the NFL,) but none struck a chord with viewers, or us, quite like Kevin Hart’s depiction of an obsessive father making use of his car’s technology. Hart spoils his daughter’s first date as only the energetic comedian could, and the laughs rolled in so hard that the ad took home first place in USA Today’s Ad Meter.


Those are our favorite car commercials; what are yours? Please let us know in the comments, and here’s looking forward to an even more impressive slate of ads for 2017!

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