Business as Usual During Construction at Butler Ford

chuckcoopteardownIf you’ve driven by Butler Ford on Highway 99 in the last few weeks, you may have noticed a few changes, like the disappearance of the Ford showroom. This is the first time the blue oval hasn’t graced 1977 Highway 99 North since 1977, when Chuck and Linda Butler moved the Ford dealership they purchased a year earlier from downtown Ashland to its current location. But despite the lack of a Ford showroom and the presence of construction equipment, life at Butler Ford is still very much business as usual.

While day-to-day activity continues as usual in the Butler Acura showroom, our staff is understandably engrossed in the dramatic changes taking place next door. Demolition started in grand fashion, as Founder and President Chuck Butler and Managing Partner Warren Cooper, with help from the fine folks at Adroit Construction Co. Inc., tore down the north wall of the Ford building with a Ford F-350.

Butler Ford wasn’t built in a day, but once the excavator arrived, it was demolished almost immediately. The feeling was decidedly bittersweet. On the one hand, our entire staff was saying goodbye to a building that was the first branch of a business that now exists in two towns, four locations, and has over 100 employees. On the other hand, we’re car people; many of us fell in love with the heavy-duty vehicles we now drive, sell, and service as children watching construction vehicles at work.

Construction is set to be completed in the spring, and until then, life continues more or less as usual at Butler Ford. We’re getting acclimated to working in a showroom that doesn’t have any Mustangs in it, and Rocky is sorely missing the office he fondly calls his “man cave,” but otherwise, we’re excited about a new building as bold and elegant as the vehicles we’ve been proud to sell for almost 40 years.

Extend the Life of Your Vehicle and Keeping You Safe

We’re always looking for tips that can extend the life of your car AND keep you safe! My Ford Magazine is a great resource and they’ve posted an excellent article about your shocks and struts – and why this is important to you!

Below are great tips to protect your car in winter and spring driving conditions and what to look for if your shocks and struts are not the best they can be and you need to be ready for those summer road trips!

When your shocks or struts become worn down, your vehicle “jounces” more over bumps, which means it bounces up and down. This makes braking more difficult and could significantly increase your stopping distance. So take note: If your vehicle is taking longer than usual to stop, or if it is nose-diving when you do so (another sign of decreased traction), have your vehicle checked at any of our four service locations. A suspension check is part of the multi-point inspection included; during the inspection our technicians will ensure that all possible pothole-related damage is assessed, and you’ll have less to worry about.

Watch out for an exaggerated “body roll” when you turn corners—this is when you feel yourself and your vehicle tilting a bit more than normal, which can be a sign of damaged shocks or struts. If that’s happening to you, take your vehicle in for a suspension check right away, because excessive body roll can affect your ability to safely steer around obstructions in the road.

Getting jostled on your journey is not only uncomfortable, it can affect your ability to safely control your vehicle. Try a quick bounce test at home by pushing down firmly on the front and rear of your vehicle. If the car moves up and down more than once or twice, have your shocks and struts checked at any of our four service centers.

When struts or shocks are worn out, your tires wear out faster. A damaged strut or shock can also contribute to quicker wear on the other steering components of the vehicle, like rods and wheel bearings. If you notice a rumbling or increased vibrations at higher speeds, have a Ford auto technician look for “cupping” on your tires, which is a type of scalloped wear pattern associated with struts and shocks. Cupping happens when your car jounces up and down, leaving indented scuff marks on the tires, and is a big red flag that your suspension needs repairing.

Worn shocks and struts can affect the way your wheels engage with the road, especially when roads are slick. If your vehicle is sliding or hydroplaning frequently, get your suspension checked out now—before more April showers arrive.

Our Ford and Acura service centers are located at 1899 Highway 99 N in Ashland and can be reached at 541-482-2521. Our Kia dealership is located at 4950 Crater Lake Avenue, 541-776-3088 while our Hyundai dealership is located at 5000 Crater Lake Avenue, 541-245-5335. Call for an appointment today if you notice any of these issues with your vehicle.

Why is Tax Season Good?

Tax season is here! Why is that a good thing? Many of us have already received our refunds and are investing money Ford-F-150_2015back into the economy through automotive purchases. A win-win for the economy and the consumer.

So what vehicles are the most sought after?  The 2015 Ford F-150 and Acura TLX proudly sit among the top sellers in a January auto sales report, according to

“Momentum is especially strong for our F-Series pickup, with the all-new F-150 the hottest product on our dealers lots in January,” said Erich Merkle, Ford’s U.S. sales analyst. Ford reported that the new aluminum-bodied F-150 is averaging just 12 days on the lot. High-end Platinum and King Ranch F-150 models are “turning even faster, averaging just nine and 10 days, respectively,” Ford said.

Ford posted a 15 percent sales increase in the U.S. in January, with sales of 178,351 vehicles.

Photographer: Benedict Redgrove;Acura’s revamped Acura TLX was a top performer as well. Consumers grabbed 2,892 TLXs in January, “easily besting the combined sales of its two predecessors in January 2014 by 27.9 percent,” the company said. The TLX replaces the Acura TL and TSX. A sure winner for 2015.

Check out our vast selection of F-series trucks and the gorgeous Acura TLX’s HERE. We’ve got plenty of both these winning vehicles in Ashland, come by and check them out! Turn lemons into lemonade with this tax season!


The First Flying Car is Here!

If only we could get to places faster than the speed of light….well this might just be possible, soon, very soon.

Yes, you read that correctly. The first flying car is slated for sale sometime within the year.* According to the classic movie, Back to the Future, we should all have flying cars by now, right?

For the amazing low price (yes, this is a bit of sarcasm) of just  $279,000 you could be the proud owner of the Transition, appropriately named right?  Terrafugia is a small, privately held American corporation that is already working on second model called the TF-X, according to their website.

While we don’t have any flying cars available here at the Butler Family of Dealerships, we just received a shipment of powerful new Ford Roush Mustangs that will certainly make you feel like you’re flying — and this will do just fine for many of us!

*According to Click here for the full article and check out this dynamic flying car video: 

Three Butler Employees Honored by Local Magazine

Congratulations are in order for Butler Ford Sales Manager Joel Nickerson, Butler Ford Floor Manager Rocky Moore, and Butler Ford Senior Master Technician Dave Welch. Joel and Rocky grabbed two of the five spots available in the “Favorite Car Salesman” category in the Ashland Sneak Preview’s 2015 “Best of Ashland” issue, while Dave nabbed one of the seven spots available in the “Favorite Mechanic” category. Great job guys!

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Exotic new vehicles wow at 2015 Detroit Auto Show

This year’s show was flashier and more exotic than ever. It’s another clear indicator the auto industry is back and ready to roll. Ford, Acura and Hyundai all made it into the Top 10. Can you guess who grabbed first, second and third place? Click on this video to find out!

Ford is the Future of Tough, Smart Innovation

Ford leads the pack in 2015 with technology and innovation, as evidenced with their stunning new Mustangs and incredible new F-150 trucks. Check out this link highlighting just a few of the futuristic and productive upgrades to the F-150….Then watch this amazing video on the durability of these new lightweight F-150’s.