Extend the Life of Your Vehicle and Keeping You Safe

We’re always looking for tips that can extend the life of your car AND keep you safe! My Ford Magazine is a great resource and they’ve posted an excellent article about your shocks and struts – and why this is important to you!

Below are great tips to protect your car in winter and spring driving conditions and what to look for if your shocks and struts are not the best they can be and you need to be ready for those summer road trips!

When your shocks or struts become worn down, your vehicle “jounces” more over bumps, which means it bounces up and down. This makes braking more difficult and could significantly increase your stopping distance. So take note: If your vehicle is taking longer than usual to stop, or if it is nose-diving when you do so (another sign of decreased traction), have your vehicle checked at any of our four service locations. A suspension check is part of the multi-point inspection included; during the inspection our technicians will ensure that all possible pothole-related damage is assessed, and you’ll have less to worry about.

Watch out for an exaggerated “body roll” when you turn corners—this is when you feel yourself and your vehicle tilting a bit more than normal, which can be a sign of damaged shocks or struts. If that’s happening to you, take your vehicle in for a suspension check right away, because excessive body roll can affect your ability to safely steer around obstructions in the road.

Getting jostled on your journey is not only uncomfortable, it can affect your ability to safely control your vehicle. Try a quick bounce test at home by pushing down firmly on the front and rear of your vehicle. If the car moves up and down more than once or twice, have your shocks and struts checked at any of our four service centers.

When struts or shocks are worn out, your tires wear out faster. A damaged strut or shock can also contribute to quicker wear on the other steering components of the vehicle, like rods and wheel bearings. If you notice a rumbling or increased vibrations at higher speeds, have a Ford auto technician look for “cupping” on your tires, which is a type of scalloped wear pattern associated with struts and shocks. Cupping happens when your car jounces up and down, leaving indented scuff marks on the tires, and is a big red flag that your suspension needs repairing.

Worn shocks and struts can affect the way your wheels engage with the road, especially when roads are slick. If your vehicle is sliding or hydroplaning frequently, get your suspension checked out now—before more April showers arrive.

Our Ford and Acura service centers are located at 1899 Highway 99 N in Ashland and can be reached at 541-482-2521. Our Kia dealership is located at 4950 Crater Lake Avenue, 541-776-3088 while our Hyundai dealership is located at 5000 Crater Lake Avenue, 541-245-5335. Call for an appointment today if you notice any of these issues with your vehicle.

Exotic new vehicles wow at 2015 Detroit Auto Show

This year’s show was flashier and more exotic than ever. It’s another clear indicator the auto industry is back and ready to roll. Ford, Acura and Hyundai all made it into the Top 10. Can you guess who grabbed first, second and third place? Click on this video to find out!

2015 Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell a Finalist for ‘Green SUV of the Year’

2015 Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell

2015 Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell

The 2015 Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell is in the running for Green SUV of the Year!  Hyundai this week announced the first mass-produced fuel cell vehicle ever available for lease is one of the finalists for the Green Car Journal award.  Ron Cogan, editor and publisher of Green Car Journal and CarsOfChange.com, says, “SUVs and crossover vehicles are an important part of the automotive landscape, serving the needs of a wide-ranging demographic, including families, recreational and sports enthusiasts, and really anyone needing the functionality and versatility this kind of vehicle offers.  It’s imperative that these vehicles also offer greater efficiency and improved environmental impact, something the Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell clearly accomplishes.”  The winner will be crowned at the Washington Auto Show in the nation’s capitol in January.

To read the entire Hyundai press release click here.

Hyundai Presents Five Tuner Cars at SEMA

One of five Hyundai tuner cars at SEMA 2014

One of five Hyundai tuner cars at SEMA 2014

Las Vegas is even more happenin’ than usual this weekend thanks to the 2014 SEMA show. The Specialty Market Equipment Association puts on one heck of a trade convention that allows auto makers to strut their stuff. Hyundai took advantage of the opportunity to team up with some of the best known tuners in the business. “Every year we invite some of the biggest names in the aftermarket tuning community to build some of the most exciting vehicles at SEMA,” said Mike O’Brien, vice president, Product and Corporate Planning, Hyundai Motor America. “We wanted this year’s builders to develop performance and luxury in tandem, and from what you see from our lineup of vehicles, they have exceeded our goals on every measure.”

Here’s a look at the results of those partnerships. For details on each vehicle visit www.hyundainews.com.

Hyundai’s SEMA Designers Share Their Inspiration

Want to know what Hyundai’s planning for SEMA?  If so, this video is all you need!  Watch to hear interviews with the designers creating the five vehicles Hyundai will feature at the famous trade show.  The event kicks off next week and, while we at Butler Hyundai won’t be attending our eyes will be glued to all the SEMA action the internet can serve us so, stay tuned for updates!

Hyundai/Ford Make List of Safest Used Cars for Teens

2011 Hyundai Sonata

2011 Hyundai Sonata

2010 Ford Fusion

2010 Ford Fusion

If you’re in the market for a used vehicle for your newly minted teenage driver chances are pretty good you’re looking for a safe vehicle that’s also affordable.  A recent survey of parents in that situation found a majority ended up paying between $7,000 and $12,000 for their teen’s first car.  Lower price tags are frequently found on older models.  Older models often have fewer safety features than desired.  So, YahooAutos put together a list of 21 older model, affordable cars that can also claim a reasonable number of safety features, including electronic stability control, and rollover and crash protection.  Making the list at number 2 and 12 respectively are the 2011 (or later) Hyundai Sonata and 2010 (or later) Ford Fusion.  All the vehicles on the list were given high safety marks by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety when they were first released.

To read the complete article and view the entire list click here.

Hyundai Teams with Blood Type Racing to Wow at SEMA

Hyundai Blood
Hyundai’s working on another SEMA collaboration guaranteed to raise your pulse! It’s a 2014 Genesis Coupe that’s being modified and upgraded by Blood Type Racing (BTR). Hyundai says the BTR Genesis Coupe “combines massive power with the true, adrenaline pumping experience of underground racing.” Look for the big reveal at the pre-event news conference on November 4th.

Earlier this month Hyundai revealed another vehicle to appear at SEMA.  The 2014 Genesis AR550 is a collaboration between Hyundai and ARK Performance.

To read the complete BTR Genesis Coupe press release click here.

Hyundai Equus Earns Motorist Choice Award Honors… Again

Hyundai Equus

Hyundai Equus

Ask drivers and they’ll tell you their most popular luxury lifestyle vehicle is the Hyundai Equus. That’s according to the more 92,000 drivers polled by AutoPacific and Intellichoice to arrive at this year’s Motorists Choice Award winner. Drivers say they appreciate the low cost of owning an Equus over time. That and an overall sense of satisfaction with their Equus earned the luxury sedan Motorist Choice Award top honors for the third year in a row. “The Motorist Choice Awards are meaningful because they are based on the feedback of new car owners,” said Mike O’Brien, vice president of corporate and product planning, Hyundai Motor America. “This accolade is a further testament to Hyundai’s commitment in creating, developing and delivering products like the Equus that creates a new top tier in terms of customer experience and luxury car ownership.”

To read the entire press release click here.

Hyundai/ARK Performance Build 2015 Genesis AR550 for SEMA

2015 Hyundai Genesis AR550

2015 Hyundai Genesis AR550

Until now few people would have used the word aggressive to describe a Hyundai.  But that all changes with the Korean auto maker’s SEMA vehicle for this year.  Hyundai and ARK Performance, Inc. teamed up to create the 2015 Genesis AR550, their sixth SEMA collaboration.  The sedan is low and wide and capable of performance usually attributed to German cars.  Lerry Liu, Marketing Director, ARK Performance, Inc., says, “This year we are focused on two core elements all under the new line of ARK Racing (AR) concepts for Hyundais. First, we focused on the power, handling, and most importantly the sound of the Hyundai power plant. Second, we integrated our high-performance racing technology to introduce a very unique and bold Hyundai vehicle.”

ARK 2The AR550 will debut at Hyundai’s SEMA press conference November 9th.  For more details read the entire press release.